“The rustic’s proverb says that many a thing is despised that
is worth much more than is supposed. Therefore he does well
who makes the most of whatever intelligence he may possess.
For he who neglects this concern may likely omit to say
something which would subsequently give great pleasure.’’
* Eric et Enide – Chretien DeTroyes

At Haetts the hats are handmade. We are in favour of
crochet as basic technique. The limited series and
unique pieces are characteristic in yarn, texture,
colour and design. All the woollen hats are seamless
and lined with pure cotton crocheted interior for
comfort and warmth. They embody the beautiful
irregularities typical of man-made pieces. Apart from
blending 100% natural and high quality yarns, I use
my own hand spun yarns and respect the distinct
features of various sheep breeds in use and design.
Our sewn models combine crochet with vintage tapes
and fringes, antique textiles, leather or lace. As a
symbol of authenticity every hat is marked with a
little red embroidered knot ©
Our collection reflects craftsmanship, comfort and
your personality.

We work on project and commission base.

Please contact us for special requests and prices