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At Haetts most of the ‘mutsen’ are one-offs and exist only as described in the product page. It is however possible the design belongs to a series with the same characteristics. Even if the outside resembles other models the inside lining can vary in color, texture and/or fibre and vice versa.
Keep in mind that products may differ from those pictured on the website due to natural variations in color and scale of the image.

As a symbol of authenticity we mark every ‘muts’ with a little red knot ©

At Haetts all our items are handmade (in Europe) and characteristic in yarn, texture, colour and design. We use crochet as basic technic because we like our ‘mutsen’ to be seamless. Apart from blending 100% natural and high quality yarns, we use our own handspun yarns. Our collection respects the distinct features of various sheep breeds.
Woolen ‘mutsen’ are known to be itchy; to mirror the outside we line them with a pure cotton crocheted interior.
Each item in the collection is warm and comfortable.