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fashion week Milano

January  14 – 17  Haetts contributes to the italian

project of Artisanal Intelligence at the White Show in Milano.


Every edition of A.I. has a theme designed by the

curators Clara Tosi Pamphili and Alessio de Navasques.

For January It’s time to contemporary artisan


White – Milano

From 24 to 26 September Haetts contributed to the italian

project of Artisanal Intelligence at White in Milano.

Every edition of A.I. has a theme designed by the

curators Clara Tosi Pamphili and Alessio de Navasques.

This fall we present our new collection Animals & Grand Tour / macaroni guys



A.I. Artisanal Intelligence presents The Grand Tour

8 – 10 July 2016
Ex Dogana
Via dello Scalo S. Lorenzo, 10

Curated by Clara Tosi Pamphili and Alessio de’ Navasques

Rome as a key stopover of a journey destined to build the identity of contemporary artists and designers.


“An ingenious and whimsical re-invention of the Macarones, a phenomenon typical of the Grand Tour. Thanks to the style that distinguishes the creativity of these Dutch milliners, skilled in crocheting and the use of natural fibers, originating from nature and chemically untainted, a contemporary version of the hats worn by elegant, eccentric travelers is reborn. A symbol of a journey to Europe to discover the luxurious yet playful aspect of clothing, a process that is not only confined to transcending geographical boundaries.”

GT Herdwick zij

Haetts at Milano

We are proud to present our new collection ‘FAITH’,
woolen hats in handspun yarns at:


Dutch Pavilion
12th – 17th April, Design Week 2016
Palazzo Francesco Turati
An interdisciplinary exhibition of Dutch Design, Art, Crafts,
Fashion and Photography, as never seen before.


design en ambacht

November. Onze nieuwe collectie mutsen zijn te zien op de beurs:

27_29 nov ’15
Westergasfabriek Amterdam

meesterlijk 2015

nu bij Keet

Oktober. Onze mutsen zijn te koop bij Keet in Rotterdam.

2Van Nelle retouch

swans & lace

A week in Guilvinec, Bretagne. Watching birds and fish. And learning Irish crochet at Madame Simone Feunteuna, an expert on this delicate technic. Two- and three dimensional motifs, often worked over a foundation cord, are joined bij intricate lacework. The characteristic crochet was developed in the 19th century in Ireland and served as a method of imitating Italian lace.


Giotto & yarns

This afternoon we’re leaving for Florence. The Pitti Imagine Filati, a wonderful yarn fair will be held from 2 – 4 july. We’ll be looking for undyed natural yarns.

In the mean time Ruskin will be our guide in the city.
His book Mornings in Florence was published in 1877.


If there is one artist, more than another, whose work it is desirable that you should examine in Florence, supposing that you care for old art at all, it is Giotto. You can, indeed, also see work of his at Assisi; but it is not likely you will stop there, to any purpose.

At Padua there is much; but only of one period. At Florence, which is his birthplace, you can see pictures by him of every date, and every kind. But you had surely better see, first, what is of his best time and of the best kind. He painted very small pictures and very large—painted from the age of twelve to sixty—painted some subjects carelessly which he had little interest in—some carefully with all his heart. You would surely like, and it would certainly be wise, to see him first in his strong and earnest work,—to see a painting by him, if possible, of large size, and wrought with his full strength, and of a subject pleasing to him. And if it were, also, a subject interesting to yourself, better still.”