this series is based on some iconic comics. The inspiration came from the theme for The London Hatweek: To the future & Back.

Roy Liechtensteins thought bubble M-Maybe seemed to be the right approach.”Lichtenstein became well known for his blending of high and low art, the original and the copy, the serious and the trivial, satire and homage, mechanical and handmade, produced and reproduced. His work explores ideas of clichés and icons, the ersatz and the manufactured. In the beginning, cartoons and comic strips provided his source material, although he soon moved away from them. But he never abandoned his signature method, the Ben-Day dot (named after inventor Benjamin Day’s 1879 technique for reproducing printed images by using dots to recreate gradations of shading), ensuring that his work would remain as recognisable as it was quotable.” (free interpretation of /Sarah Churchwell’s article for the Guardian)

Comics often give us an insight in contemporary issues. In Gareki, the 15 year old, we see the present-day Robin Hood.  Robinson -Goode appears to be the perfect match for The man of steel. Next to that as a reporter she’s probably the mole at The Daily Planet.